Initiation of Spring


Northern winds, usually sonorous, prepare a mournful tune
wheeling sallow remains,
once bale,
across open fields,
just yesterday.

Robin, Miss Red-Breast,
offers a promenade of
whistles, signaling winter’s end
and the initiation of spring.
Blessing. A gift arrives
upon wings,
sometimes. This morning.

Essence melodious, lush in green.
A verdant musical shift,
announcing the presence of love,
and the forgiveness of pain.


36 thoughts on “Initiation of Spring

  1. Hi Audrey.. Very remarkable view of spring. Nothing says spring like a robin and what a picture to accompany your always lovely words. Do enjoy your spring 🙂 Must be going now. Fish are biting! *chuckles*


  2. Sorry I’m running behind, my friend…blame Domer, ha! This is exquisite…love seeing robins in springtime and knowing their very presence portends a new season and new life. Sometimes we’re just like those birds, right??!


    • I appreciate you thinking so, Shari. I’ve been looking at that picture for a few weeks now and the straw caught in the wheels truly speaks of bleak moments this winter. I’m glad the positive side of spring comes through. Thanks for sitting with me on this one, my friend. Sometimes morning has to be enough. Indeed.


    • You have a great attitude Audrey. I’m sure that all this is working out for your good, and you’ll grow stronger because of it. I know you’ll come through with glowing colors.
      And of course, your poetry is lovely.
      I had broken my foot, so I didn’t get all done that I needed too. Just last week I got off the crutches and took the splint off, however it’s still weak and I have to take it slow.
      Much love to you, my friend.
      🙂 ❤


    • Oh that’s good Audrey. Glad to hear that you’re doing quite well. Just remember that healing takes time.
      Yea, I’m off the crutches and the splint. It’s still weak, but getting better. Hubby helped out quite a bit, but you know, men never do as well as women. Hahaha.
      Thanks a ton, and have a great Thursday.
      🙂 ❤
      btw, are you teaching at the moment, like with the move and all?


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