There may be nothing else
Quite like her, beaming
Willing to arch within sunlight,
Spectacular favor.
Candied flora exposed, impressionable, it seems.
Truth be told, if you watch
Her heart exudes passion,
Quite instinctively, efflorescence,
life’s luxury.


66 thoughts on “Impression

  1. A radiance to your words. This poem backs up what you mentioned in the previous post, about your life changing for the better. Glad to hear that you’re arching in the sunshine.

    • That’s a wonderful spot to be okay with you who are. For me, a comfort with myself has come from lots of meditation. Of course, frustrations can pop up. But they’re a part of life. I’ve accepted them and deal with them as they come up.

    • I’m slowly realizing who I am truly matters. Authenticity, in my position as a poet being herself, is key. I love writing in metaphors, but I still see myself and want others to know it is myself that I write. I’m thankful you mentioned meditation, Gus. Thank you for sharing that part of you with me. I often find myself using that, as well. Enjoy your day.

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