Bathing In You


Waking with a peaceful dawning
Your love stretches across
Allow me to bathe in your glow


88 thoughts on “Bathing In You

    • Good evening, Monsieur. Yes, we truly do have palm trees here. I live as far south as one can get without falling into the gulf. Less than two miles from the water. Our landscaping is entirely tropical. Come…I’ll show you. Wink. Seriously, for the first, I don’t know, three years I woke up driving to work feeling like I was on vacation. The humidity here is similar to what you feel in the tropics. Although the area I live in leans towards the Italian eye in architecture, we are very much so a palm tree community. You would love it. The best of both worlds, I think. The marinas are gorgeous and so are the many fresh water bayous in our southern location. Now, if you were to fly into Houston via George Bush Intercontinental then you’ll walk out into what could be your backyard. It is quite woodsy and absolutely gorgeous. It reminds me of traveling to my grandmother’s house in Hayward, WI. Central Houston is a concrete jungle, but as you travel south it turns into paradise. You have to remember, I am 20 minutes away from Galveston Island. We live like islanders here and the weather is nice, if you can stand the heat. Seriously, Monsieur…have you not been listening to me talk about my part of the world? Of course, we have palm trees…pay attention or I’ll tie you to one. Giggle. You know I adore you. Hugs!

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    • I have an old Glen Campbell song playing in my head now. Yes, I am sure it is very tropical. Hmm I am not sure I knew about your grandmother’s place. It is beautiful there. And yes, I have been listening to you. I just get distracted.

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    • What is it with Glen Campbell songs, men and Galveston. You make me laugh. Sing it for me, please. Yeah, I mentioned it moons ago, but it is likely you became distracted, as you’ve stated so sweetly. She, my mother’s side of the family, all live there. I know my way around loggers. My uncles are rather famous in those parts. I’m glad you’re listening. Just have to figure out a way to rid your distractions, Sir. β™‘


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