In Pause

i hear sunshine
although the tone
too low or far away
to devour or identify.
there’s sparks
offered out
into the world
and they come
from your eyes.
a gentle smile
given in part
for those blessed
to be near you
and those who
trust your heart.
i yearn, dream
knowing one day
life will continue
as it was meant be.

Wink At Me


Look at you
Enhancing my freckling
Sunbathing in your glow
Warming my skin
This chair allowing me to fall in
There you are
Up so high
I see your smile
Your eyes, too
Lost in thoughts
Taking the afternoon off
Drinking a margarita
Or two
Allowing my mind to wander
And do whatever it desires 
With you



Good Morning, my love
Forever pleasing
Continuing true
Fancy you finding me
Sat beside a tree
Warmth evading
My every breath
I feel you on me
Shades of green
May I watch you
Give light and power
Gifting our universe
With your glow
Powerful employment
Happy to be in your world


Sunlight pushing
Through my window
Oh how I’ve missed you
You beg me outside
Come play for awhile
Me always submitting
The warmth you provide
When I step into you
The light you create
Reaches far and wide
Brightness over takes
This woman’s mind
Your soothing rays
Meant to wash over my day
Reminding me
I’m alive
Your rainbow of color
Feels like a smile
Strong and inviting
Helps me run towards you
Maybe one more mile
A sunrise you’ve perfected
Your job done
Rise up and come to me
Finding your place
Amongst the sky
Steady your pace
Join me today
Walking slowly
Enjoying our journey