All Along


I’ve felt you in my life
Whispered callings I ignored
My past has carried you in my heart
Pocket sized, along sandy shores

Present, and low voiced, there, too
Wooded wisps tending to folklore
Surround, comfort and continue
Our souls connecting without a clue

Continuation of plans, a need explored
Unforced, reveals a vibrant hue
Sighing, as I unfold tomorrow
How do I begin to explain you


20 thoughts on “All Along

  1. Beautiful rendering of a pocket full of life

    Howdy ma’am. * tips hat * Just a few hours ago you was wondering why the cutie
    in Alabama, did not follow me home. Well, to tell ya the truth, the slipper didn’t fit,
    and I just knew my heart wouldn’t be satisfied in the long run. I tend to listen to my heart
    more than my brain or my other head. I sleep better ( not gooder ) because of my choices concerning
    getting involved where it just doesn’t feel right. Perhaps I’m a little old fashion, maybe knowing the wait for the real one shall be worth it, or I just don’t like playing games. Of course, I do enjoy chess, Sorry and a few more entertaining games. You got any swift moves? Ya know, playing games, one on one. Sure would be interested to hear what ya got to say. Cat got your tongue? Oh, that’s right, you’re using it to type with and I must say I am really impressed. You got talent for sure! Maybe you should enter a contest. I bet you would win hands down, seeing how you got such energy to burn. But perhaps you just don’t want to be in the spotlight, kinda like me most times. Now seeing this is an open letter/comment, I must take every precaution to not hurt your feelings and let you notice I do have a gentle side. I’m pretty rough ya know. Of course, at any given moment I can be just like Taylor Swift, inflict pain, write about old flames ( you know, the kind that burn out faster than a speeding locomotive ) leave ya smoking mad. But, enough about my personal problems. I adjust quite well after a 90 day period. Ain’t dead, yet, so I keep walking a path that sooner or later shall end where I belong. Of course, sometimes I ride a mountain bike or a horse. Mind ya, not to speed the process up. Do you by chance walk, ride a bike, or a horse? I hope to get a response to that question. But I’ll understand if ya don’t. And I certainly hope the rain stops down yonder soon. Have you had to commute by raft to get to work? Ya know, modern Huckleberry Finn, Wasn’t Mark Twain a marvelous writer. Had a great imagination ya know. When I was a youngster, I had a raft, spent many a day floating down a river. Writing poetry is kinda like that time. Imagination serves me very well when I apply myself to write a line or two of rhyme. Of course, sometimes I don’t care if I rhyme a single line. I let my heart fill my mind, feel whatever I got flow to my pen, and rest, knowing that’s all that matters in the end.
    I should thank you for our evening exchanges and inform you I truly enjoy those moments. It’s very refreshing to talk/discuss about life with you. You seem to blush a lot though, but I do cause that to happen on occasion with my kinky replies or sexual overtones, which I shall tone down at any time per your request. Ain’t wantin’ to upset you or hurt your feelings because that would be just awful. I know how it feels to have hurt feelings and be upset.

    Did you know we are all

    just going a distance

    not too far from birth

    to grave?

    Did you know life is full

    of potholes, gray clouds?

    but it only takes a detour

    to see a different view

    miss bumps, become brave.

    Did you know it’s possible

    to reach across miles

    to share a few moments

    exchange smiles?

    And the Rockies are beautiful this time of year. They offer such majestic views, with snow-capped peaks and an occasional sighting of an eagle in flight. And when listening, it’s possible to hear a heart beat, as though it’s found a freedom of it’s own, to soar to new heights. I best be going now for I’ve burnt up a few moments of your time and I know you value it to a higher degree than most. I do hope to hear from you soon precious Poetess. Sincerely yours, Charming Charlie

    Oh shit !!! I almost forgot to wish ya a wonderful evening or night or day. Reckon you’ll read this when you have a spare moment or two. And this took no effort because I enjoyed myself. Kinda like your company.
    And it was in the 70’s here today, with just a sprinkle of rain. So refreshing. Okay, going now to take Miss Daisy for a walk. She’s all excited ya know. I don’t think she likes when I talk her ears off while walking. Perhaps I should get her some ear plugs, whatcha think?

    I just felt bad about my cute comment. Hope this shall suffice for my lack of thoughts that moment.

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    • *zzzzzzZZzzzzzzz* Huh? Oops…you put me to bed, Jay. I love when a nice soothing voice begins talking and a hand starts rubbing my head. How’d you know how to take care of me so well? We’ve only just met. Or have we? This out pour of adorablenessness is adorable. Like a teddy bear is adorable, you, Sir, are adorable. And you made me smile and you made me wish I was more of a cyclist, maybe you could put a side car on your bike. That’d be cool, I like mountain biking, but long distances…my bum would hate it. Thanks for clearing up the Alabama story. I love how you just know what you know, ya know? Nothin’ scares you does it? I like that, seems so suit most cowboys. I do know how to ride a horse. I come from a long line of cowboys and cowgirls. I know my way around a handlebar mustache and tight jeans. However, my head is in the clouds of mountains most of the time, so I often find myself chatting with mountain men. I feel like I’m wasting precious time with you if I continue this response… but there’s so much to clear up. No raft. No work. Settles my need for getting a raft, however, I do love the idea of rafting. Ahhhh, my phone is ringing…be right back, Charmin Charlie. Wait…did you say Rockies…back up. Tell me more…you’re cute when you ramble. (This was such a surprise! Thank you!!!!!! I appreciate you trying to make me smile. You know just what to do.)


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