Just Starting Out


innately, he plans
all but a sliver of life
choosing to grow, gain strength
watching him
simply my pleasure


41 thoughts on “Just Starting Out

  1. I love this. I love caterpillars. I wonder what it is like to be a creepy crawly caterpillar and then one day you can just soar. How cool would that be!!!!

  2. I’m reserving my “Awww” until I hear whether this little guy is a friend or foe! Everybody needs to eat, but if he’s destroying good plants, well, he’s not worth my approbation!

    • This is a caterpillar, Susan. The non flying kind. We successfully grew two in our classroom from caterpillar to butterfly. Monarch to be exact. A lovely process, you know. I bet you’ve seen this with your schooling background. No jumping, promise. Lots of eating…giggles. My kind of creature. Chomp chomp…

    • I love it when teachers have critters in the classroom. My fourth grade teacher had a small zoo in our classroom. There was a turtle on her desk, guppies in an aquarium in the back of the classroom and an aquarium (dry) with several grass snakes. It served me well when I got older and taught 4th grade. When the boys would hand me snakes and such I picked it up and admired it and then told them to return them into the wild. I did have some hermit crabs, but if I had known then what I know now I would not choose that particular creature.

    • Monarch. We’ve successfully birthed two new ones this year in our classroom. Dozens from around the school. It was a joy to see them go from stage to stage. Their cacoon has this gorgeous green tint to it (talk about jewel tone!! Like a fabrege egg, only better, they spin this golden seal that is awe inspiring. So cool! Yes, Shari, tis what I’m thinking, as well. So smart, you. β™‘β™‘ xx

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