She’ll wonder how

Many hairs are grey

If your heartbeat

Feels the same.

Consider the new

Wrinkle by her eye,

And which stress

It was cause by.

Crisp morning air 

Will cause her 

Red curls to dance,

Would it affect

You, by chance?

First blush will arise

Around her,

Comforts of home:

Ground, she clings to.

Simple house shoes, worn

Her toes content

Ankles exposed.

Behind fawn wool,

A woman’s desire shown.

Frozen concrete steps

She sits upon gracefully

Allows for silence,

Awakening a quiet

Reflective dawn;

Her serenity.

Each timed breath,

Causes movement

Beneath her 

Heaving breasts,

Proving control:

A lady’s weakness.

Yet you’re aware,

Her day has begun

And still,

She’ll want, require

The comfort

Of you,

Her Eastern Sun.

Aurora’s Visit


Aurora whispered this morning
As golden water developed
Within a sunrise
Every moment is a blessing
She encouraged with her glow
Thankful for the wink, felt
Shining across fair skin
As a pelican soared by
Sealing my radiance, her gift
Salty air takes ownership of red hair
A curl wraps around my nose
And I inhale hope
Flutters of joy
Upon my breasts
While Aurora releases me
Back into reality, sensing
My desire to shine
Lapping of the gulf’s waves
Felt by both she and I

Wink At Me


Look at you
Enhancing my freckling
Sunbathing in your glow
Warming my skin
This chair allowing me to fall in
There you are
Up so high
I see your smile
Your eyes, too
Lost in thoughts
Taking the afternoon off
Drinking a margarita
Or two
Allowing my mind to wander
And do whatever it desires 
With you

Spinning Around You


You have me spinning again
I think you prefer me that way
Left reflecting
Over how my need continues
To grow, wild
Learning promotes the dance
This, I know
I store pieces away
Parts of you
Constructing an image
You’ll never live up to, tis true
I’m prepared
For disappointment
Yet, I’ve decided,
I like you
My Sun
The brightest star
Surround me
Consume me with you glow
Beat down and invade
I feel your rays
Keeping me warm
I could get used to spinning around you
It comes quite naturally, too
I think you’ll agree
Us, me, you, we
Living a fantastic dream
Rotating within your forces
Consumes me
Gathers speed
Controls my thoughts

Passionate Pink


Splash of color
Bathing in green
Pale, light, angelic flower
Hint of freckling
Quiet and willing
Although, quivering
Choosing to believe
She belongs here
Refuses to compare
Color or ability
Once a bud with hot pink protectives
Then the sun arrived
Petals begin to emanate
Stretching their limbs
A fair maiden preparing
Soaking in ray’s of sun
Light creates her sublimely
Sweet, pale, pink flower
Nothing else compares
Yet, she holds no power
Remaining vulnerable
To your stare



Good Morning, my love
Forever pleasing
Continuing true
Fancy you finding me
Sat beside a tree
Warmth evading
My every breath
I feel you on me
Shades of green
May I watch you
Give light and power
Gifting our universe
With your glow
Powerful employment
Happy to be in your world


I know a simple place
It draws me in
Like your heartbeat, my friend
A perfect spot for just you and me
Can we watch the sunset
Hold each other closely
Remind me
What I’ve missed
Yea, there’s a few trees
You know I like green
See the rain drops still glistening
On each and every leaf
The sun’s rays brighten your beautiful face
Paint me a picture of happy
Hold me
We’ll watch each raindrop fall,
as well as our sun
Landing upon your chest
My breast
Sun so hot
Yet, the feel of your fingers ignite


Walking beaches
Holding on
Where water
Meets sky
Do you see me
Becoming one
Love’s Geminis
Witnessing beauty
Chance meeting
A conclusion
For all my searching
Have you
Have I
Over a rainbow
Shakespeare’s Viola
A Bonnie for his Clyde
Wishing on stars
Walking through waters
Skipping rocks
Looking for his face
Reoccurring waves

Written 2-1-14