Tuesday – Anything Possible

A local Texas boy gifts me a short story to go with my Wild West poem and photo. John lives just down the road in Corpus Christi and I adore having him as a neighbor. He’s a heck of a storyteller and truly has the best sense of humor. Thank you, John. I love this gift!

Fiction Favorites

On May Ninth, Audrey Dawn posted a beautiful poem along with a great picture that she titled Wild West. Here is the picture and you can go to her blog and read the lovely poem. I could not help but be drawn to both the picture and her words. They served as a prompt for a short story that follows. I hope you take a moment and visit Audrey and enjoy her work as well as this story.

a wild west-jpg

Wild West by John W. Howell © 2015

“Hey, Maud wha cha doin?”

“A bit o’ sewing Jacob. Wha’s it look like?”

“Well. Ta tell the truth, it looks like yor loafin’ on tha there stump.”

“Loafing? Why you old goat. If’n anyones loafin’ it’s you.”

“Aw, Maud you know I be roundin’up strays all damn day.”

“No need ta swear Jacob. Th’ Lord don’t take kindly ta no swearin’.”

“Well the’…

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