Essence of Her

she covers herself in blankets her Mamma made whether twenty years ago
or just last week

the thought of safety comforts me

every morning there’s a whistle at eight o’clock sharp
in this town where she
was raised

the example of reliability soothes me

And then, just like that

there’s a ceiling fan she cannot figure out how to shut off
its a reminder of her inability
while in the bedroom

criticism flows far too easily for me

stepping out into the world with nature surrounding her senses
there’s a peace released
acceptance implied

worthiness arrives to remind me

To Get To You

My favorite hour arrives
Too quickly
A drive, required,
I need to see
Same car,
Same old highway,
Same steady heartbeat
Purring, excitedly.
I’ve chosen the view,
A spot alongside
Road X,
Wishing to beat you there
My heal digs, as my toes
Push down, steadily,
A muscle in my thigh
While pulling to the left,
I roll to a stop. I see you.
Longing for an embrace,
Wishing you did too,
I sit, upon this car hood,
And wait.
There’s never enough
To watch you, my day,
Into twilight,
As if just for me.


Powerful moments
Lost in yesterday
Mountains shift
Clouds will part
Creator of smiles
Poets connect
Your heart my first waking breath
Brought on through art
Words will find creation
Paint will find it’s muse
Photos brought to life by you
Conversation will find its fate
Spark creativity
Show your soul
Protection provided
Choose to dream
Waters may divide
Pay no matter
We’re alive


Poetry I crave and read daily
Minds I want to rip open and see
How can it be, words written perfectly
Faceless poetry it spins me
Forever lost in thoughts of might have been
all uniquely

Words which inspire a nation
An analyzer, who questions a lifetime
My Dear, you theorize
Create thinking or even dreaming
Show me Divine perfection
absorbed daily

Music played to reach my soul
Find me beyond the stars
I ache while each note played
I hear you in every melody
Make it yo-yo; I don’t care
play for me

Pictures taken with a keen eye
I imagine them taking me somewhere
Close the distance between you and me
Make me laugh, face my fears, even cry
Show me life on the other side
do it slowly

Paintings create emotion regularly
Colors help me think and release
Black and white take me to places of dark
The sexiest of the arts, painters feel humanity
Search the eyes of the one in charge
paint me pretty