Spinning Around You


You have me spinning again
I think you prefer me that way
Left reflecting
Over how my need continues
To grow, wild
Learning promotes the dance
This, I know
I store pieces away
Parts of you
Constructing an image
You’ll never live up to, tis true
I’m prepared
For disappointment
Yet, I’ve decided,
I like you
My Sun
The brightest star
Surround me
Consume me with you glow
Beat down and invade
I feel your rays
Keeping me warm
I could get used to spinning around you
It comes quite naturally, too
I think you’ll agree
Us, me, you, we
Living a fantastic dream
Rotating within your forces
Consumes me
Gathers speed
Controls my thoughts


42 thoughts on “Spinning Around You

  1. The feeling of this is poem is of both like being on a merry-go-round and then running alone under the afternoon sun. Both refreshing, but with two different types of excitement: one is controlled (running) and the other you feel you could go flying off at anytime 🙂 Nice.


    • Yeah, you’ve got me all figured out. That didn’t take you long. Haha! I love how you explained my poem.

      This is why I need you around. I need someone to interpret my words. Make them sound intelligent, as I usually muddle my words up, unless I can put them to a poem. Your words flow. Mine sputter like 1950 Chevy left in the barn.

      Thank you, Photographer Philosopher Extraordinaire. Yep, still a bit long.


    • Ha, ha…my explanation of things usually only draws blank stares. Your poetry has a way of making great thoughts purrrrr like a mint condition ’50 Chevy 🙂
      And I do like my new moniker.


  2. I love the sun. Just give me one day without it and you’ll see how it affects my humor and attitudes. Just ask the hubby. The sun is my best friend. The lovely seratonin levels that it elevates. Aaaaahhhhhh.


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