Nothing connects, right now
Words narrowly escape deletion
With everything I have, I try
Not to find disgust, oozing
From my pores, which lack essence
Truthfulness and ability
I’m losing the battle, daily
Believing I am, nothing

I want you to know I am writing, but this is all that has come out the last few days.

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Longing Like This


Wasn’t the possibilities of your fingers,
Softly interlaced with mine.
It isn’t the irreplaceable thought,
Of receiving your seductive kiss.
Won’t be the yearning dreams,
We cannot make come true.
Just so you may, my love,
Truly understand this poetess,
It is your creative mind,
That will always leave me,
Longing, day and night, 
Like this.

Happy Friday Night, my friends! Enjoy your weekend! ♡♡♡

The Road Home


Yes, you found it,
This is the road,
The one that’ll take me home.
Country girl,
With a heart for rock-n-roll.
Listening to your music,
Takes me there again,
Dark rooms with neon lights.
Strings that soothe,
The tremors at night.
Being swept away to a beat,
Fuels a passion inside me.
Drinks which prove,
A bleeding heart,
Will do just about anything.
Dance with you and with him,
Either way I lose myself with them.
This time I’m wiser,
I know what I want.
On the dance floor.
To a higher power.
A desire,
With swift awakenings.
Wrap me in your lyrics,
Teach me with your strings,
Let’s dance.
Allowing, your lead.

Raindrops Have Names


The dark clouds were here when I woke up this morning. The pinging sound on the window panes, as each raindrop hits, beckons me. Raindrops knocking at my soul. Reflective puddles growing in size right outside, so similar to what needs to be accomplished in myself today. The rain is taking the lead and nourishing everything green, and me. The scene has been set. The rain arriving today, of all days, is poetic comedy. A satire, it seems. It sums me up perfectly, don’t you agree? Oh, how I love a double entendre.

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My Sister

A child was born on Mother’s Day
Looking similar to all the rest
A nursery full of beauty
God brought you to her
My Sister
Laid upon her breast
Blue eyes locked to blue eyes
You fell in love
She was a mere child, as well
My Sister
The first Grandchild
Daddy’s Boy and Momma’s Joy
Craig, our shining star
You could do no wrong in their eyes
My Sister
Watching you grow
Meeting milestones
Dad a strutting peacock
None of us with more pride than she
My Sister
One day dark clouds rolled in
No advancing past your own floor rolling
To the doctors we’d go
No one stronger than she
My Sister
Two full years later, finally a diagnosis
Cockayne Syndrome, wouldn’t you know
We sat in silence, held each other close
If only seven years, she’d make them go slow
My Sister
Craig you rested so well in her arms
We all spoke your silent language
A community of your devoted fans
But none as in love as she
My Sister
Your fifth birthday here in a flash
Two weeks later, you woke up for the last time
We all ran to your side
In a hospital room we cried, but none like her
My Sister
Nothing they could do had been decided
Three siblings sat surrounding your mother
She rocked you as we prayed
“God, please don’t take him from her-not today.”
My Sister
A strong little boy who could never walk
Much too frail, much too sick
Was Heaven sent from Him to her
Yet, at twenty-three she was asked to give you back
My Sister
Over a decade later you’re still gone
As a man you’d been seen – almost
Still Daddy’s Boy and Momma’s Joy
Blue eyes sparkling, at your Mother
My Sister
May, the month of beautiful beginnings
The source of every mother’s worst nightmare
Baby Sister, you made it through, pay no mind to the dark days
That’s when Craig is with you
My Sister

Twelve years ago…we miss you, Craig. We love you. Everyday we’re thankful for the time we had…♥


There was a teardrop this morning
On my screen and atop a pink rose
One you’d left for me
Some time ago
I watched
Pink rose magnified the beauty
Every ounce you hold
Hoping maybe just maybe
It was you there for me
But I heard nothing but silence
No music
No beat
Yet it made me smile
Our silence was the best
Understanding each other’s needs
Like greed
My finger like a feather
Went to the teardrop
Approached quietly
In hopes it wouldn’t dry
I can bring it life
Tis my favorite
Let me try

Spinning Around You


You have me spinning again
I think you prefer me that way
Left reflecting
Over how my need continues
To grow, wild
Learning promotes the dance
This, I know
I store pieces away
Parts of you
Constructing an image
You’ll never live up to, tis true
I’m prepared
For disappointment
Yet, I’ve decided,
I like you
My Sun
The brightest star
Surround me
Consume me with you glow
Beat down and invade
I feel your rays
Keeping me warm
I could get used to spinning around you
It comes quite naturally, too
I think you’ll agree
Us, me, you, we
Living a fantastic dream
Rotating within your forces
Consumes me
Gathers speed
Controls my thoughts

Some Place I Know


Come with me
Will you
Tonight’s decision
May take two
See beyond the water
Within the stone
A dark black hole
Somewhere to be alone
Could we go
Tis an adventure
Filled with surprise
Searching for answers
Many about life
Loads of lessons
The other side, amazing
Better for the journey
A thrilling ride
Responsibility’s side
However, option number two
Sounds dreamy
I think so
Don’t you
Something steamy
Allowing us to breathe
I feel you touching me
First time
Head spinning
Over and over again
Means everything
Slow kissing
Feathered hand
Across my breast
Nipple erect
My fingers lingering
On your chest
Yours upon my jaw
Minds losing a battle
Bodies answering a call
Falling into you
My hip feeling the heat
You commanding
Me submitting
This time
Our needs will decide
Reckless abandonment
Awakens from inside
Deep dark cave
Knows what we crave
The release of feelings
Saturday night

Yellow Flowers

yellow petals
welcome me in
curves are slight
a simple delight
jagged tips I want to touch
perfected yellow pinwheel
straight lines
toned to stand just so
look at you
bright as the sun
amazing structure
you grow and grow
wild at heart
amidst the fields
I wouldn’t gather you
I’d leave you here
a perfect addition
for my red hair
placed through a knot
on hot summer days
oh, yellow flower
why are you so beautiful
placed boldly for me
am I jealous of you
or are my feelings
merely love
the romantic
in me

Thank you, Paul (click on his name to see the pretty flowers) I appreciate the beautiful photo you shared, our new friendship, and then the encouragement to write a poem about your yellow flowers. However, thank you for following my posts, as well.  Romania must be beautiful this time of year. Enjoy! (Sometimes our silent followers need a push to say hello. Ours was a rocky start, but I think you’ll see the humor if you read our conversation under the photo.) Happy Friday!