Shades Of You

Like a soft breeze
Tonight you arrived
Feeling you
All majestic
Exhaling with relief
You have the ability
Yes, to surprise
Violence to such a degree
Shades of you
Not a picture of love
Most importantly
It scared me
Point proven
Yet, not moving away
Onward movement
Like a dream
You opened your soul
A beautiful piece
It was a pleasure to see
Thank you
A better understanding

24 thoughts on “Shades Of You

  1. I enjoy how you give me the opportunity to linger on certain words and phrases. Right now, I’m playing back “a better understanding” and liking what that evokes. That’s a sermon title if I’ve ever heard one.


    • I love how you found a poem I haven’t seen or read in a while, and take me back to why I wrote it. Thank you, Richard. A better understanding is indeed what we’ve both now achieved. Write that sermon, Richard. I appreciate your commenting today. I like hearing from you. I identify with a quiet reflective reader.


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