Wide Open

Wide Open

magic seemed to crackle its way
through the clouds for twilight
a sparkler held by the hand we all know.

little orbs of hot air spun bright

spehers of knowledge,
seemed to be blown
just out of reach from where
I stood,
yet life looked alive as
the pastels spread

and something felt just as
it should.


16 thoughts on “Wide Open

  1. What a view, what a sky and this may be the exact feeling of watching a sunset after a long day ~ “spheres of knowledge, seemed to be blown just out of reach from where I stood…” and it makes things all good again if just for the briefest time.

    I had to look at the date of this, as on 12-Jan my family and friends (Washington – Oregon – California) saw and sent photos of a great sunset, it seemed everyone was on the same page at once and I thought after seeing this…just maybe 🙂 Cheers to you and your impressive words and camera, Audrey.


    • If serendipity exists, which I believe it most assuredly does, then your family & friends and I were gazing and wondering over the same sunset, my friend. Dalo, you are far toooooooo generous with your kindness. I shake my head in wonder if a man with such talent does in fact enjoy my morsels. Thank you for being you. I cherish your notes. I pray you are well. ♡


    • There is nothing more satisfying then finding yourself in a serendipitous moment ~ it shows life is good, regardless of any turmoil we may see 🙂 Things are well, how have you been doing? Is time flying by a little too fast ~ if so, enjoy those sunsets moments even more 🙂 Take care my friend and good to catch you every now and then ❤


  2. What a gorgeous sunset! They seem to be more flashy when they’re not hidden behind buildings and other things, don’t they? Oh, and I suppose a good cold front is headed your way, too. Lovely poem, Miss A!


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