His One


Lavender chosen, breathe in,
often found crushed,
scent of live petals,
lathered upon skin.
An original flower,
leaving one wistful,
for Old World pleasures,
and a relaxing grin.
Here, a pastel color,
for a mini mighty bloom,
a gift, an honor,
radiating in royal hues.
A favorite, whispered a man,
he, instantly in love with her,
pondering, deciding,
while love remained true.
Solely: with no other witness,
during a quiet afternoon view,
he claimed her for eternity,
she sighing, as his One and only.


51 thoughts on “His One

  1. Reblogged this on ~NbJ~ and commented:
    A beautiful piece of writing by Poetess Audrey Dawn. Please leave likes or comments on original. Follow her,too! Did I mention I love this photo?

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  2. Enjoyed this one, a nostalgic and longing feeling as he looked at a flower ~ a very nice scene, described well will “he claimed her for eternity, she sighing, as his One and only.” A good poem for the ending of the weekend ~ Cheers.

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  3. This is beautiful Audrey… both the poetry and the pic… except that now… I sit here before my window in the twilight of the early morn… wistful for Old World pleasures and a relaxing grin…
    My morning has now been officially brightened… thank you…

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