My mind, what will I do?
He’s all I think about,
And nothing I had planned.
He’s water glossing over my skin,
And the comfort of the wind.
The smell of summer,
Yet, cool mountain air.
Allow him my heart,
I sigh, do I even dare?
He’s the sound of bullfrogs,
Late at night, while I dream.
Perfect words and lovely pitch,
And he whispers just for me.


48 thoughts on “Whisperings

  1. Beautifully alluring Audrey… Your words danced me right into your dream… (sorry for the intrusion)…
    Hope your Saturday is filled with awakened dreams…


  2. This has to be the first time I’ve read a love poem with a bullfrog in it. Not one of those fairy tales with a frog turning into a prince, but a lovely poem with the paramour sounding out like a bullfrog. And it works well, Auds. It’s a crisp, vivid image — like the rest of your poem.


  3. I wonder and wander. Into this maze I venture, hear a heart plea, as questions bring about sighs.

    I do believe your leap
    just like a bullfrog
    shall find you quite comfortable
    on a porch like an old dog
    soaking up evening sun
    content with the knowledge
    you’re home, complete

    Good morning Audrey. Do have a nice day ❀

    Liked by 1 person

    • And when I receive a compliment such as yours, Richard, I find myself speechless when trying to reply. I’m encouraged by your comment. If you could see me looking over my shoulder to see who you’re talking to, you’d laugh. Thank you for building me up and leaving such a lovely reply. Wow. You have a way of surprising me, Richard. I’m thankful you read my poetry. I’m blessed. β™‘β™‘


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