K – Kaleidoscope

It’ll be one day
Tell me no
It’ll be one day
Never quite sure
It’ll be one day
Look past me again
It’ll be one day
Witness to love’s end 

Foolish girl
Wasn’t meant for you
Foolish girl
You’re not a dream come true
Foolish girl
Your heart’s a mess
Foolish girl
You’ll never stand a chance

I want to draw you near
Pull you closer to me
I watched
His face, fall
Told me everything,
Yours will, too

A Look Inside


Securely sheathed within herself
She submits to you, a look inside
Her tender, emotional health
You see the colors of her mind

Travel slowly and enjoy the view
Accept her offer, slip even closer
Fragrant scent and tangerine hues
Whispered from our divine composer

Amongst moulding of verdant leaves
A bashful creation, you’ve witnessed
Folded, is best, she may believe
Yet, she unburdened, is your intention



There’s this face I see
In the mirror
Occasionally lost in fantasy
Pushing through
Emotionless days
I’m done looking
Show your rays
Fingers pointing out
All my flaws
One freckle
Two freckles, gone
Forget it
Lost cause
Nose too short
Cheeks too big
None mine
All inherited
Should be thankful
Proud, too
Yet poisoned
By You