Silence enhances
Introspection and doubt
Carefree inviting


22 thoughts on “Balance

  1. I have read what you call your ‘rambling’ several times now, Audrey and I must say that I feel honoured by your reply. If I invaded into your private reverie, then you are gracious enough not to let that show. I am grateful. Your poetry is for you. By putting a poem on a blog, you create the illusion that it is for others, and that they have the right to demand meaning (and punctuation), but it remains yours. The meaning is with you – to share or withhold, as you feel. That said – thanks for sharing meaning with me. This is where the honour comes into play.
    Kindness – Robert.


  2. Okay, I’ve been puzzling over this for a good while now. In effect, it’s more like a koan than a haiku. The absence of punctuation makes it very difficult to understand what your intended meaning is. Some of my interpretations suggest that you are were feeling rather self-destructive when you wrote this and others lean towards you having been conflicted. Maybe.
    Whilst I agree that ‘silence enhance introspection’, I can’t think of any way that ‘doubt enhances an open door policy’. Unless … yes – unless by ‘doubt’ you mean ‘not closing down options’. Yes – that would work. Silence enhances one’s ability to look within, and an open mind leads to an open invitation to all people, circumstances and situations. Just make sure that you let the right one in. πŸ™‚
    You have my very best wishes, Audrey.
    Kindness – Robert.


    • Robert, if I were to change the and to an or would you feel the same? Possible add the comma before and…

      Here’s the thing about poetry. IMO, punctuation is secondary to the process, and often times fences us into what we need to hear. Early on here, a cowardless individual, who chose not to use their name, made it very clear I needed punctuation in my poetry. I spent a lot of time researching whether I should or shouldn’t. I even asked poets I respect on WP. The resounding response was…who gives a f@*/. Now, I actually disagreed with them and began using punctuation more, and I’m happy I have. Maybe I should have used it…sometimes I just don’t and it’s those times when I’m caught with my pants down, as they say.

      I also appreciate you not stepping away from what you see which could strengthen my efforts. Please continue to do so..

      To the koan, or haiku as I placed it under, I’m honored to be linked to the koan form. I very much identify with the process. I wasn’t writing this poem with self destruction in mind. I was merely sitting within silence I hadn’t heard in months. Choosing to accept the opportunity to go within myself and take order, or go directly towards doubting who I am. The cliff at the end “carefree”…well was my hope. To allow carefree thoughts to overtake the see-saw I had allowed my mind to consider, albeit briefly.

      The right one in..yes, thank you for that. ‘Tis the hard part..

      Robert, this rambling of mine was such a pleasure. Thank you for engaging with me on such a fine level.



  3. This is an interesting photo. I’m trying to decide if it’s a see-saw for a lot of people or just a resting place. Your haiku doesn’t give me an answer — though I like it lots. Want to help??


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