Obvious, I know
How I stare
Seemingly, into you.
Pathetic, I believe
How I adore
Your ignoring me.


49 thoughts on “Love

  1. Ha…what a perfect and beautiful description of both being in love & being pathetic ~ the way the words are suppose to be used. There is a lot of greatness is being pathetic, in fact I think it is a road (while less traveled) tends to be the most exciting and in the end doing what feels natural is just the perfection needed in life, yes?


    • Haha. Only you would figure this one out and calm me at the same time. So pathetically swooning over a mysterious photographer is quite adventurous of me, I suppose. Wink. Who’d have thought… and you would encourage this behavior, as your philosophy tends to lean towards this particular direction you speak of, Dalo. β™‘ Amazing what you’ll get me to admit to, you know.


    • Always have to encourage behavior that leads to adventure ~ that is the fun of life. Also, the photograph/art on this piece is pretty cool…where did you find it? It’s got this symmetry and uniqueness to it ~ Cheers to being pathetic πŸ™‚


    • This heart is found outside Houston’s House of Blues. I was there for a concert not too long ago and couldn’t it up. I have to admit I was fairly primed when I found it, but figured one day I’d write another sad love poem and figured it would come in handy. The heart is on a concrete wall outside. I needed you there to move me over a couple inches. πŸ˜‰ Would have made for a better picture. Next time you’re in Houston I’ll take you and you can see where I went wrong with my angle. Cheers, to our pathetic tendencies, my dear. πŸ˜‰


    • Yes, to our pathetic tendencies ~ and one day when I find myself in Houston it would be great to check out this heart of the House of Blues ~ Cheers!


  2. Who in their right mind could ignore you, Audrey?? And don’t think for a minute that any of your friends think you’re pathetic!! Unrequited love is such a sad thing, though, don’t you agree?


    • I’m hard to ignore, I know. Yet, it does happen from time to time. I’m pretty good at thinking that I’m pathetic all on my own. I need my friends to think otherwise, Debbie. Thanks for being a great blogging friend. You are always a ray of sunshine. β™‘ Unrequited love is the love poetry is made from, in my opinion… and I do agree.

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