Oh, To Play

if there is a puddle
from an afternoon rain,
recently pattered down
to greet us,
do we jump and giggle?
Aye, he chuckles.
then what do we think of those
who choose not
to play?
might they be tense,
foul, controlled, or
too concerned for our liking?
probably, she muses,
but we need them, too.
so I’ll fight for an opportunity
to see their smile
every single day,
while my toes wiggle in the rain
with you.



I watched her
the pain in her eyes
the grip she had on the handle
white knuckled
slowly departing
caving to her mind
yet, feeling her heart
fight right back
tears wiped
smudged across her cheek
watching through
a rainy mirrored day
as she slowly becomes me
incapable of allowing
what her soul needs

Vicious Season


Tornado season arrives to greet us,
Lost in thoughts of neon green.
Wind, rain and an eerie calmness,
Consumes our dark afternoon hour.
Content that I’m where I should be,
Mother Nature unleashes her power.
Siren blows, to the basement we go,
Relieved to know God’s protecting.
Stay calm, Big Brother is watching,
Our vicious and swirling Nebraska sky.
Three sisters grew up trusting him,
Today proves nothing has changed.
Fire Chief’s job begins, as we wait,
We love our big brother, please keep him safe.
I wrote this poem during my first weekend in Nebraska. Mid June weather at its finest, my friends. We’re all fine and the destruction was minor for my hometown. (Weeks earlier the destruction much more severe.) The clouds, however, unforgettable.

Exquisite Moment


Our distance disguised as intriguing
Whispers to me of fate’s cruelties
What will come of this meeting
Overwhelmed with curiosity
Wherever you are tonight
I wish to be there, too

Lost in exquisite surroundings
Stopping to admire this powerful view
An alluring disaster such as this
Can easily be related to, understood
Fate’s sensual act unfolding before me
Rain tending to the sun beautifully

Through soft, yet dark, cloud pillows
Curtains of rain will wash the sun
Sun submitting to the rain’s shower
A risk, plentiful if carefully tended to
This moment locked sublimely away
Will include wishing thoughts of you

Love’s Umbrella

Protective covering,
Found under an umbrella.
Cloaking two people,
A lady and a fella.
Lost within a street full;
Barely a notice;
Eyes for each other,
Devoted focus.
Approaching quickly,
My eyes shy.
This is their time,
Watch them pass by.
Hear their exclusive music,
Linger in my mind.
Notes float up,
My heart aches for you and I.
Their eyes connected;
Not a wink or a blink,
Allowed for isolation.
Love’s obsession.
Trying not to stare:
How do we get there?