Love’s Umbrella

Protective covering,
Found under an umbrella.
Cloaking two people,
A lady and a fella.
Lost within a street full;
Barely a notice;
Eyes for each other,
Devoted focus.
Approaching quickly,
My eyes shy.
This is their time,
Watch them pass by.
Hear their exclusive music,
Linger in my mind.
Notes float up,
My heart aches for you and I.
Their eyes connected;
Not a wink or a blink,
Allowed for isolation.
Love’s obsession.
Trying not to stare:
How do we get there?

38 thoughts on “Love’s Umbrella

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  2. The visual was really vivid in this one. I used to shield my ladies with an umbrella. They thought me quaint, but somewhat idiotic since my left shoulder was usually soaked. Getting close under an umbrella was my motive as well.


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