Shhh, listen
Pattering, pittering
All in a whisper
Rushing, slowing
Confused in duration
However, still wet
Clearing, yet nourishing
Covering, cleansing
As imperfections vanish
If you were persistent rain
And I, in need


84 thoughts on “Rain

  1. The whisper of rain ~ sometimes that is all a person needs… Something I’ve learned along the way is that it is always the periods of drought that makes the rain so special ~ take pleasure in both 🙂

    Although, give me a rainstorm any day of the week and I’ll be singing all day. Beautiful words


    • I know, right?! I love the rain, especially when it is respectful and quiet as it lulls me. Mmm, yeah, something tells me you’re on to me, Sir. Yeah, this was a joy to write. I’m glad you enjoyed the poem and it’s meaning.

      I’d take a thrashing thunderstorm, as well. We’re so similar it’s scary sometimes, Dalo. You living in Seattle suits you, if you love the rain the way you do! Haha. Thank you, once again. Have I mentioned how much I love having you here? I hope you have a great morning.


    • Much rain in Seattle, although it is a drizzle-sun-drizzle type of existence…HK it can pour like nothing else. Morning & day was great…have the big Super Bowl tomorrow. Go ‘Hawks 🙂


    • I don’t mind the drizzle-sun-drizzle. It reminds me of Colorado, especially in the summer up in the mountains. Nothing better than the afternoon rain to cool everyone off. Your ‘Hawks beat my Packers, you know! Now, what am I gonna do with that information. Enjoy the game, Cowboy. Yeah, okay, GO HAWKS!! 😉


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  3. Nice, I relate to rain, Ry in Japanese also being spelled Rai, which is a name that means “Thunder, Lightning, and Trust”, a poem of sorts, as one can trust thunder and lightning to bring rain. I am stormy I suppose, more than sort of loud. Sort of the opposite of your poem’s focus on quietude. I like noticing contradictions and paradoxes, as when there is rain, there is often thunder and lightning. Not always though. With thunder an lightning though, I think there is always rain, somewhere. Interesting how with the atmospheric dissonance of a thunderstorm, there is the purification and healing of the rain. The sky is ripped apart in a sense by storms, but the earth is nurtured, except where lightning strikes. Storms are sort of a mess, and I relate. I go by Ry instead of Rai for other reasons rooted in Japanese, making my name another sort of poem. Regardless, my point is that I liked your poem, and the dissonance expressed in the opposites of it. Nice write.


    • Hi, Ry. Thanks for sharing the details on your name. I find names facinating. There is nothing better than a quiet rain, but I also find a storm hauntingly beautiful. The fear it can create ignites excitement. ..good and bad. Yes, this poem focuses on a calmness, but within a stormy desire by the end. Enjoy your weekend. ~Audrey

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  4. Looks like y’all have had your share of rain! You know, my daddy used to love a good downpour — washed away the yuck and made things smell good again. I’ve found the most enjoyable ones come without sound and light shows!


    • I can’t quite define it in words.  Or maybe I hadn’t the same feeling.  Or maybe I just forgot how this resonated…I don’t jot everything.

      Both a blessing
      and a curse, that.
      with fear washed away,
      after a while
      what stands true,
      memory of the heart.


    • So lovely…you surprised and honored me with your reply, Adam. Thank you. It has been a very long time since anyone felt comfortable enough to offer a poetic explaination to my wonderings. I like your confidence.

      For the wounded,
      Hearts beat with rythum,
      Pausing on acceleration,
      As truth reveals,
      Life’s opportunities.
      Even, déjà vu.


    • It wasn’t confidence; more like, I’m bad at explaining myself, and poetry is an outlet for multiple interpretation. 😛

      Nice poetic response…
      dé jà vu.
      The pond ripples in excitement.
      The pond ripples, blue.
      Water formations
      forever lost.
      Yearning for contentment.
      For you.


    • I think you’ve poetically stolen my line… 😛 Or read my mind. A rarity, it seems. Maybe it’s a poet thing, I suppose. (I just reread that and I soooo didn’t intend that mess to rhyme. I’m a such a dork. Giggle.

      Thank you…

      For me?
      Winds send a message,
      My fingers freeze,
      Mind begs,
      Sincere in essense,
      explanations, please.
      Words given a voice,
      Through me?
      I have no choice.


    • When sight overwhelms,
      when darkness clouds the light,
      go forthright in the night.
      The winds may sway the trees,
      and jitter thine knees,
      but the voice is most strong
      when carried by the heart.
      awaken thee.


    • Offering less than perfect,
      Ceases to exsist,
      Upon these lips.
      Darkness offers,
      Smudging lipstick,
      Truer facts,
      Shyness attacks.
      Control takes hold,
      Beneath rouge,
      I know you’re new,
      So let me explain.
      This Crimson Queen,
      Hasn’t what it takes.
      Continues her search,
      For her one and only:
      Force of nature,
      To push her through.

      (Yes, the proverbial let’s talk about you. I’ll be okay.)


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