At Home In Houston


News from Houston, while you patiently wait, has arrived, my friends.

1. I am alive.

2. The flood waters, as of this morning, are not near my home. Other parts of Houston are terribly flooded.

3. We haven’t seen flood waters like this in 500 years. Hurricane season begins June 1st. God help us if these past few months are any indication of what is to come.

4. My school year has ended. Tears have been abundant, as I whisper goodbye to the sweetest group of children. I’ve cleaned and locked the classroom door. Currently exhaling into a summer routine.

5. I have no idea how often I will post a poem. I’ll try to continue posting in the morning. I am off schedule right now. For that I apologize. Inspire me…like I know you can, please.

6. The rain has me a bit sad. No worries. I have so much to be thankful for right now.

7. I leave in eight days for Allenspark, Colorado. I’m meeting my family there for a celebration. I know you’ve all been wondering…

8. Dad is cancer free! His results are in and he has fought leukemia and won. I couldn’t be more proud of my cowboy daddy. His fight made me a stronger woman. His desire to fight and decision to do so helps me believe in determination. Anything is possible. I couldn’t write an entire post. I’m too emotional right now.

9. Dad is my hero. I can’t wait to sit with him while he fishes the Colorado River behind our mountain paradise. I look forward to holding his hand. Making his coffee and meals while we enjoy being together. Happily fighting my sisters to spoil him rotten. I look forward to seeing my father and brother bond over family memories. My family thrives in Colorado.

10. I’m days away from a wonderful cross-country journey, once again. Y’all know how I love this part of my year.

11. New Mexico has been added to my travels. Looking forward to seeing it, and taking photos. I’m already excited about the poetry I’ll be writing for you. Hope you are, as well.

12. Nebraska misses me. I miss Nebraska. I love my home state. I will visit briefly after Colorado. I’m already sad I won’t be there long, but I choose to make the most of my visit.

13. I can’t believe summer is already here.

14. My thoughts are moving so quickly right now. Hence the reason for the list. I need to be concise with my update.

15. I am tired of the rain. I remember praying for rain with my dad in Kansas, as we watched his favorite fishing hole dry up. I know either extreme is torture.

16. My nephew Craig died 13 years ago today. My sister is my hero.

17. I have emotions running so deep within me. Praises for God, who knows best. Longing for a little boy, who changed my outlook on life and reminded me of what is important. Truly important. Love. I have a desire, to be the best woman I can be for those I love. Sadness towards those I’ve disappointed or discouraged.

18. I hate that my communication skills are lacking. I know there is something I should have said and didn’t. Living with a lifetime of regret, but feeling better as I accept and move forward.

19. I know I have an incredible future ahead of me.

20. Thank you for being such a wonderful supportive group. I feel loved.

I think I’ve covered everything. Thanks for reading. You continue to give me so many smiles on a daily basis, while making a choice to read my poetry. Your effort does not go ignored. I couldn’t ask for anything more than a smile in return.Β Thank you for checking in on me over night and this morning. I feel your concern. Those of you who have reached out since the rain coverage began, please know, you matter and I simply adore you. Thank you for making me feel loved.

Meanwhile, in other parts of Houston:


thinking of you
stopped by for a smile
decided on more

Giggle! These lizards are frisky amongst all the rain. May you find your reason to smile today.

I love you guys ~ Audrey


65 thoughts on “At Home In Houston

  1. 1. Your dad is cancer free. He won. He won. He won.

    2. Your dad is healthy.

    3. Hooray for your dad.

    4. You are above the water.

    5. You and the kids are safe from the tornadoes.

    6. God bless your family still missing your nephew.

    7. Have a great family retreat home. Recharge, refill, restore.

    8. Enjoy the new state.

    9. Appreciate the rest of the summer.

    10. Have no regrets. You are a beautiful soul, Aud. You are beloved. You are a cherished friend. You are a talented writer. You are Red.


    • Oh, Mark! Thank you… *tears* Yes, much to be thankful for indeed. All great positives and even the sad moments are positive. You are a cherish friend, as well. Love you, Chum. Thanks for making my days so bright. I look forward to some laughs this summer with you via blogs. It’s how we do… πŸ˜‰ You da best, Chum. Truly. (Lovin’ your list! xx )


  2. I am so happy to hear about your Dad. I hope you have a wonderful vacation in New Mexico (hope you are going to Sante Fe – love it there) and Colorado, and Nebraska. I am also glad that you are safe and sound and haven’t floated away!!!!

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  3. Dear Audrey I had no idea not been keeping an eye on the News so just googled the rain fall news Houston!! I do hope you stay safe and dry. sending you love!!……………….. and umbrellas!!

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  4. Enormously good news about your dad. I’m thrilled he’s cancer free, and that you’ll see him soon. Your excitement for him and your summer come right through in your writing. And I bet your drive across states and your summer with family will inspire beautiful poetry.

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  5. Stay safe, stay strong and awesome news about your dad!!! Woot Woot. Silly lizards….made me laugh as I know when I move to Florida I will be the preverbial fly on the wall with camera catching the antics.😊⭐️ Peace and blessings, Kim


    • Kim! Thank you, and so great to see you…to say, hi. Hi πŸ™‚ Sighing, indeed, over dad’s health. Such a praise moment, for sure! YES..WON’T WOOT…these lizards made me laugh. Imagine…coming from way further north, I am always shooting a pic of these guys. Amazing to live near such wild creatures. If you catch them, share! πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ Wonderful to see you. Blessings to you, Kim. Florida? Since when???

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    • FLA as soon as we sell our house. The ocean calls my soul and the husband and I agree, we love it there and the Western NY winters can go bye bye. Life is too short to not do what you want so we follow and lift our dreams to truth. I get your blog via email now so as not to miss you. It is good to see you again also. I will be in Venice FLA so I can wave across the gulf to TexasπŸ˜Žβ˜€οΈπŸŒ΄ have an amazing day and look forward to more awesome reading of my red headed sister😊 peace and blessingsπŸ’œ

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    • Congratulations on following your dreams. I envy you for doing so, and I hope y’all love Florida. One of my closest friends lives near Miami. I used to see your posts in my reader. I shall go a hunting and fix that now. It will be nice to have a friend to wave to across the way…giggle. Blessings to you, as well. Always.

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  6. Beautiful post Audrey Dawn… I have definitely been enlightened. Glad you’re safe and certainly appreciate you taking the time to let us know. Wonderful news about your dad. Please give him a hug for all of us, for it is stories like his that brings hope to those of us who continue to beat the odds. Mental attitude and the desire for love and life can surround us with miracles of all kinds. Thank you for sharing his light with us and I look extremely forward to the vacation pics and poetry. Keep your galoshes on…

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    • Thank you, Michael, for checking on me. Your doing so means the world to me. Yes, safe, for now. Hoping the rain that is due to arrive tonight has a change of heart. I will let my dad know, of course. I continue to pray for your health, my dear. I just know you’ll be protected and healed, too. You must. I adore you too much to have you leaving any time soon. Know you are on my mind and in my heart, my friend. Hugs and much love, always. Yes, giggle, galoshes on…cute red ones, of course. β™‘


  7. Audith! *big hug* That’s awesome news about your dad! I might even do a happy dance. Also, good news that you’re not flooded. Goodness. I hope it’s not a bad season.

    Emotional is fine, I think. That happens any time there’s some changes. Plus, you’ve invested a lot of time into those kids! (They’re better off for it, I know!)

    Now those lizards. I would take them–for pets.


    • Duketh!! *takes your hug* Thank you!! I know you’ve been wondering and waiting. Thank you for being such a rock for me. You are the best. Get to dancing, Sir. *winks* Yay!

      Yes, the flooding…did you order this? *skeptical eye*

      Yes, I know. You have to keep reminding me that life goes on…I’m a broken record, it seems. Every year the same, huh? ( I hope so…)

      The lizards may have babies coming soon. You should build them a bigger home. You taking them as pets makes me worry. *thinks of Charlie*


    • Awesome! That is the best, truly. So happy about it.

      I did not! Someone’s messing around, I think.

      Well I understand! You invest a lot of time and then…it’s done! There’s definitely a time of lowness after that, for sure. (I know!)

      *laughing* Charlie stole from me! They won’t, so they’ll be safe.


  8. It looks like you have a lot of fun in your future. I’m glad for that. I’m very glad to hear about your father’s health. I’ll be here if/when you decide to post poetry. pictures, lizards or rants (I’m not sure I’ve ever seen you rant). Have a great time Audrey!

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    • I hope to have some fun and make new memories, Dan. I know you can appreciate my need to do so. Thank you for your encouragement during dad’s treatment. Means a lot, you know. I’ll be here writing, for sure. The views may change a bit, but I promise to write. Thanks for being so great. Oh, I’ve ranted…maybe I’ll have one to share before long. Should trigger your memory. πŸ˜‰ Enjoy your evening. xx

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  9. I’ve been thinking about y’all, Audrey, and glad to hear you’re surviving this beastly rain! Isn’t it sad that poor California can’t buy even a drop, when y’all have so much over-abundance??
    Great news about your dad — you must be ecstatic!! Prayers answered, you know! Enjoy your travels, family time, and summer break — you’ve earned a rest.
    Now, tell those lizards to get a room!!

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    • Yes, surviving, for sure. I think about CA, as well. Wishing we could truck the rain over to them. I have been on both sides and both are so frustrating, Debbie. I am soooo relieved about my dad. We knew his chances were good, but man does it feel good to shout it out!! Thank you, my dear. xxβ™‘

      Off to talk to the lizards right now, Ms. Debbie. πŸ˜‰


  10. giggle….after all the revelations, I love that you ended on a smile. Much good news, regardless of the rain. Thankful you are safe, Dad is FREE and do not worry, Inspiration comes πŸ™‚

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  11. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! All caps because I literally laughed out loud at your closing comment and photo. You funny girl you.
    On another note, WOW! What a great update Audrey. I’m sooooooo, so, so, so glad you’re dad is cancer-free. What a trooper. I know that your family means soooooo much to you, and what a great opportunity for you all to be together and take advantage of true treasures. I’m so happy for ya.
    Also, I had know idea about the flooding in Houston. That’s what you get when you live south of the equator I guess. Eek. Glad that you’re ok.
    School’s out already? Canadians go until the end of June. But then again, school only starts up again after labor day in September.
    Have a wonderful vacation and I’ll be waiting for some awesome photos and a bit of poetry here and there.
    Huge hugs
    πŸ™‚ ❀

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    • *laughing* Imagining your reaction and it produced to much laughter, as well. Giggle. Too funny, right? Goodness! Yes, Dad is going to be just perfect. We all feel God’s blessing on this and give thanks, for sure. I really cannot wait to spend the time with him this summer that I have longed for throughout his treatment. It’ll feel good to laugh with him. Yes, stinkin’ weather is driving me crazy. Texas is usually pretty rainy in the spring, but this is redicalous. Our public schools don’t get out for another 8 days…so we’re nearly there. Thank you and rest assured I will be about writing, my friend! β™‘β™‘xxx Hugs!

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    • Very funny. That is soooooo awesome about your dad. I’m sure you and your family are going to make many happy memories together this summer.
      I would go crazy with tons of rain too. Literally crazy. I NEED the sun.
      Hugs and blessings.
      πŸ™‚ ❀

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    • I can tell that you are just beaming. And rightly so. We’ve had nice, pleasant weather here the last couple of days, and it has made such a difference on my mood. Plus, I love the view from my office window now. I’ll have to take a pic and post it soon.
      Love ya too.
      πŸ™‚ ❀

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    • πŸ™‚ I’m sure it was a blessing. Yesterday I woke up to rain, but then the sun kept creeping out, so that was good. However, it was pretty cold (relatively speaking).

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  12. What are those green things doing? Glad we all survived the rain. Hurricane season is supposed to be less active this year, but we will see. Good news on your dad and makes me glad for him that he has children who care so much.

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