Maybe One Day

Showering sunrise
Rain swift and cool
Laying a wet blanket
Across me
Running to the car
“Don’t slip…”
I somehow hear.
Your chuckle
Following me,
Strong hand
Upon my hip
Is that possible


24 thoughts on “Maybe One Day

  1. A lovely reminder of autumn and the glory of fallen leaves, amber sun, and rain, beautiful rain. Lovely poem, Audrey, lovely photo.

    Are you teaching your kids photography and poetry? They couldn’t have a better teacher, you know.


    • The amber sun…gorgeous, Poet. Love that image. If I inspired those words right there from you, then it is you who is lovely. Thank you, Shari.

      I am teaching my daughter. She recently expressed a desire to learn how to photograph her feelings, which astounds me, since that’s what I do more than not. We were out on a drive in the country and she said, “Mom, see that tree over there? The one taller than the others, that’s me. I identify with that one…” She’s already 5’9 at age 12. A real redheaded beauty. She’s a poet. A writer more so, like you…she will do both beautifully. My son. We call him Pastor. He’s no poet but his empathy and directness is fine tuned.
      Thank you..


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