Windshield wipers, delay
Screeching sounds
Watching rain pour
On a chalkboard
Rain, rain, go away
Life was sunshine
Shimmered on freckled skin
Accepted and forgiven
For a moment one day
Unforseen departure
Awaiting a return, engine vibration
Soothing a voice, whimpered
Preferring her that way


63 thoughts on “Delayed

  1. I see where y’all have had nothing but rain for what seems like forever. I can’t imagine that, really. When I lived in Texas, we had nothing like that! Must be challenging to live without sunshine when you’re used to seeing it. Hang in there, Audrey!

    • I’m not a fan of rain. It makes me depressed. I guess it’s ok once in a while. I like it more when it’s summer rain and it’s still warm outside. Or when it’s close to Christmas here in Brazil (summer hot) and I want those nostalgic feelings. That’s when I bake Christmas goodies and put on Christmas music.

  2. Wipers screeching
    like an owl
    repeating who, who
    shall hear her heart
    when in doubt
    as rain starts
    to flood her thoughts

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