if time could
speed the process
what should be
would happen
all for impatience
and what is desired


19 thoughts on “Understanding

  1. Time and desires: you’ve brought up two concepts that can be fluid, elusive, frustrating. Concepts I’ve meditated on a great deal, and I’m sure will do that a great deal more. There have been times that I wish would slow down, and times I’ve wished would speed up.


  2. It would indeed, however, I think there is something to be said for the wait…learning what it is we truly desire, as what we think we desire is not often what we truly need and until we understand what we truly need, what we desire will not satisfy.

    Wow, not sure where that came from. Honourable Sorry! LOL Thank Goodness it’s my friday today!


  3. We humans get in the way of things, don’t we? Audrey, you always write something that makes me stop and think, often a passage that grants me a better day or less biased outlook, and for this, I thank you. I tend to get too settled into my own view, you shake it up.


    • I think we do get in the way of a nature progression or God’s plan for us, wanting to in the end, get what we feel we need. It’s hard. The wait. I’m thankful my poetry gives you pause to consider. You are a thoughtful one, my friend. Shaking up is what I often need. I have to remind myself! ๐Ÿ™‚


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