Thunder calls
Soothes, instantly.
I feel
What I cannot see.
Silence explains
Nature sighs,
Humanness remains.
I watch lightning
Seek me
Through the trees,
And sense you
Light ceasing
To reach me.


38 thoughts on “Retreat

    7 – Losing you woke me screaming
    6 – The screaming subsided
    5 – Took a look around
    4 – Discovered I’m
    3 – Even so
    2 – Still here
    1 – Whole
    0 – Boundlessness … ness … ness …

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    • If you only knew…

      It was my choice to leave. Unable to make him change, unable to pray enough for him to want to do better, unable to work hard enough to fix what was broken..what he broke by sleeping with another…
      I will be whole again, and I will be enough for another. One day..
      Your poem, Ben, leave me speechless. The care you provide is felt. Thank you

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    • An older poem that might be of comfort?


      You unpick yourself
      Thread by thread
      From this special place
      Woven so deeply
      Into your memories


  2. I think we’re supposed to be in line for some of those storms this week. You’ve interpreted them way better than I will, as I have so much to do and can’t do it in a thunderstorm!

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  3. A sadness in these lines, and I thought it was lovely how you flipped a storm into a positive. Usually, I’ve seen thunder used to give a feeling of dread. You’ve brought it to soothe.

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