31 thoughts on “The Texas Twirl

    • I really need to make a better effort of learning how to take a picture. Don’t focus too much on the photo…pretend my words are flailing about saying “Look at me! Look at me!” These pictures are just the proof that I had a source of inspiration.

      I am glad you liked this poem, Photographer Philosopher Extraordinaire.


  1. I would say that was a marigold. Has a distinctive scent and most insects don’t like it.
    Now if you like guitar have a listen to Midnight in Manaus from Manaus Where Two Rivers Meet. That is pretty hot.


    • Hi, Amy. Thank you so much…
      I’m glad you found it to your liking, as I know how serious you take your gardening. She spoke to me, you know. She said, “Aud, get busy and do something with your life.” I told her, “I prefer to dance first…” She refused. Isn’t she beautiful?

      Hugs to you, Amy!!


    • Now, Audrey, She was only trying to get your attention, and She did. It’s good to do something with your life. Did you listen to Her secrets that I know She has for you to help you? I am truly shocked She did not want to dance. Hmmm…..This sounds like serious business……. xx Amy


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