Last Night’s Dream

Woke up with tear stained eyes
A vivid dream nothing but a memory
We were running down the beach
Do you see
Light wind coupled with light feet
Breathing slowly
Hearts sounding like thunder
My mind clear, yet full of wonder
The distance we ran effortlessly
Filled with meaning
Pulling you down and into the sand
Forcing your eyes to look into mine
My body on top of yours, almost floating
Water lapping at our toes
Consuming the salty air
Seagulls provide a mating call
The perfect setting
Releasing our control, our duty
Succumbing to the beast
Alive, well and needing
Finally you agree to touch me
Hands sliding over my arms
Cradling both sides of my face
I feel your heat
You’re shaking
Stop questioning everything
Look at me
Wanting to force you to believe
But knowing I can’t
Waiting for your lead
My eyes plead
Yours filled with worry
I’m waiting
This life, ours for the taking
Stop searching
I’m here
Waking up to dried tears

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