Her Path Of Scars (Haibun)


Across her vulnerable path there are old scars. Disfigurements, some bigger than others, yet similar in color. A few are the remains of the same tragedy, now multiplying and adding to those festering lies she whispers to herself daily. Tracks you’ll find as you begin to travel over her essence. The lies she encourages herself to believe guide her day. These defining untruths continue to slide through her thoughts in an effort to ruin her spirit, until you find a way inside her mind.

Life begins to grow, as you navigate within her arduous attempts at disbelief. A primal power you possess as her guide in this fight. Verdant leaves found full of color and sprinkled throughout her path react to your light, then grow and allow for clarity and healing to finally begin. The solution she never saw as her possibility now renews her strength. This an event you can take pride in, as it is you who has fed her daily. She, now your light, is devoted. Finally, once again, she believes in truth, love and authenticity.

The scars are still there, as you run yourself across her core, however they don’t define her anymore. Each tragic event has been honored. She trusts your hands, loves you, and with all that she is, needs you to be yourself completely. Importantly, she is a body of scars, but they have healed with the help of your interest and devotion. Your love, that lives inside of her now, is a blessing.

Beauty of nature
Submission Empowerment
Rooted in belief


24 thoughts on “Her Path Of Scars (Haibun)

  1. Such a story and background to finally arrive at this magical poem… Had no idea what a haibun was until I arrived here today ~ thank you gracious teacher 🙂 Wish you a wonderful coming week,


    • I’m so glad you’re here, my favorite photographer. Always so happy to see your gravatar in my notifications. You always make me feel so lucky to have your attention. Magical? Thank you! Okay, I’m blushing now, as well. You once told me that you brought your teachers an apple, Dalo. You’re lucky I don’t eat and fly at the same time because this comment put me on a cloud, which means I’m not missing the apple, yet. Now, seriously, I am thrilled to have turned you on to a poetry form. I’m happy to be your teacher…. 😉 Okay, I’m going to stop before my apparent flirty feelings get out of hand.


  2. Audrey, I was riveted. Your writing is so powerful that your words put tears in my eyes. Bless you for the image, your words and the Haiku. I just scooted over here to make sure I saw your latest work. I’ve been scarce these past few days, being under the weather. Today I am on full time, and yep, again, my eyes are crossed. Back to you….. I really HOPE you understand the impact you had on me today. I don’t know how to write like this …. yet you were able to describe so much of me. Thank you, Audrey. Thank you. Love, Amy


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