Man Toy

An object
Of my affection
Does that bother you
Maybe a piece of meat
A cabana boy, too
Keep shining through
All because of you
Character writing today
You always take the bait
No one else will do, my muse
Fantasy or truth doesn’t matter
What my mind does for you
Oh, you would be flattered

Happy Friday, my friends! Hope this brings a smile to your faces. I’m a giggly this morning, for sure. Hugs and much love. Enjoy your day!

40 thoughts on “Man Toy

    • You’re welcome. I think these lines made me think of the way a writer builds there characters or how we relate, think, and almost of have relationships with them:

      “Character writing today
      You always take the bait
      No one else will do, my muse
      Fantasy or truth doesn’t matter”

      Also made me think how fantasy can be as powerful as truth, and sometimes we don’t care if things are true or not because we prefer the fantasy more. Well, just all the things it made me think of. Though maybe I over-think things sometimes. Either way, again, nice work!


    • B, you’re right. That is exactly where I was when I wrote this poem. Overjoyed with the process of loving where my character was headed, and where my muse was taking me.

      Yes, because reality can be so exhausting, I do find fantasy so much easier to fall into whether I’m writing or reading. I think most hardcore writers and readers do. True or not…just take me away, right? LOL…

      Thanks for your thoughtful comment. I enjoy learning more about how creative people, you, think. πŸ™‚


    • Thanks for compliment, but I wouldn’t say I’m more creative, just that we both have our own ways of being creative. But thanks again πŸ™‚

      Yes, I think that is the good part of writing. Writing is about the mind, and the mind can take you anywhere at anytime. And once the mind goes somewhere the body can follow as well.

      The best characters are the ones we fall in love with, I think.


  1. After I read your poem “Blue Odyssey,” I saw that this was in the related posts, and I just had to read a poem written by you called “Man Toy.” Yes, this did bring a smile to my face. I hope you still have that muse and those giggles πŸ™‚


    • Ha! I do like the idea of you wandering around my page wondering what could be going through my mind with a title like that one. Glad you enjoyed this, but more so that you see the importance of playfulness. Life’s too short, Gus. That muse, well, he appreciated it. I do wish we were in contact more often. He is a super smart one and very poetic. My muses are always smart, witty and creative men. Always have been…always will be, I think. Thanks for asking, my dear. πŸ˜‰


    • You’re so right about playfulness being important and life is too short. Way too short! But, I suppose, that may help us appreciate the good stuff. Like muses. Like playful poems about toys πŸ™‚


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