Nirvana not an interest
And a little
Simply Red
Those are the voices
In my head
Inside my dreams
You once asked
I’ll admit freely
Me? Childhood trash
That’s real, Baby
What keeps me smiling
Chet Faker’s
Beard and beanie
He plays with meaning
Sizzles my morning
You want red hair
My heart’s cracked
Worthy of repair
I cannot handle
One more longing stare
Either I feel right
Inside your mind
Or get me off
This wild ride
Slash is tight
I’ll wear his hat
Nothing else
Now think about that
Friday’s musings
Truth revealed
Play with me
Just keep it real

Tell Me About Love


Stepping away from the fight,
Only one need, for tonight,
Tell me about love.
Remind me that it lives,
And thrives among,
Moments we’re intolerant of.

Honestly, I’m needing to hear,
Sounds that bring back familiar,
Like the moaning of a guitar,
As long fingers slide through.
Explaining where I’ve left my heart,
And why it should belong to you.

Allow my strength to weaken,
I’ll listen for that voice I know,
One encouraging me to escape,
Whispering me towards a window.
Write of a passionate world where,
Someone chooses to wear a cape.

Paint pictures of your love among,
Flowers, hearts and shadows,
Even a dragon with a red tongue.
Warm me with your skillful hands,
Explore, as only an artist does,
My freckled skin, your nightly canvas.

Do What You Do

Just perform for me

Yeah, okay, pull the stocking cap down
Run your hand through your beard
Whatever it takes, prepare
Pretend I’m not here

Just sing the lyrics

Remind me
Show me how to feel
Prove you already know
Take the wheel

Just do what you do

Feelings already sorted, better than I
Direct the deep notes, in my favor
Allow me to bleed
Waiting for your music to soothe me

Just play the tune

Let me fall into you
Silence? No, it’ll kill me tonight
Slide your fingers over the strings
Quickly, even slower, bring me through

Just make me believe

This music will ease
Regret, pain and suffering
I should have never even tried
Kill me, like the beat, softly

Jazz Music

I had a hard time writing last night. Going back to Ambrosia, who is now, Amelia, helps me remember why I’m writing my book. Getting lost in music helps too, I think. Always. (Inspiration for my novel found here.)

Empty streets
Dark concrete
Nasty puddles
No rain for days
Water still reflects
Visions of pain
Find me
I went there again
Corner club
Jazz, yes, always
Door man nods his head
Let’s me in
Watches over me, usually
Smokey air fills my lungs
Heart already lost, deep bass
Sunglasses hide his eyes
Head swaying
Beard in layers
Sorrow fills the room
Music consumes
Quietly I wish for you
Collar up
Heels click on the floor
Lyrics speak
Like a dream
Beat soothes my soul
I’m no one’s treat
Here for the beat
Tonight’s for me
Needing to breathe
Needing to feel
Needing music
Whether scared
Music helps
Mostly, I need to breathe


Can’t be achieved
Try as we may
You already are to me
Stop, anon
Mind courageous
Notes waiting at full attention
Command the ears of those you seek
Relax, appreciate the work you’re doing
Mustn’t let them see the uncertainty
You were created for accolades
One day proving complete sense
Your heart’s passion
Heaven sent

I Remember You

I listen to the rain outside; I think of you
Why now do I choose to remember
I miss the rain…Maybe I miss you.

A sad tune; takes me back
You should have kept that song
I need sadness…Maybe I need you.

Ears full of every song you’ve written
They quite rightly send me to you
I hear your melody…Maybe I hear you.

Your voice takes me back to that night
Strong hands play. I drift away
I wait for memories…Maybe I wait for you.

Your artistic mind allows for comfort
Today you will be my place to dwell
I wish for comfort…Maybe I wish for you.

Play our favorite notes: The deep ones
Allow my soul to sing
I can sing…Maybe I can sing for you.

That night you taught me how to play
Your arms wrapped around my body
I played for you…Maybe I taught you.

Feeling safe, free and secure; my speed
You encouraged my path beautifully
I remember it…Maybe I remember you.