Nirvana not an interest
And a little
Simply Red
Those are the voices
In my head
Inside my dreams
You once asked
I’ll admit freely
Me? Childhood trash
That’s real, Baby
What keeps me smiling
Chet Faker’s
Beard and beanie
He plays with meaning
Sizzles my morning
You want red hair
My heart’s cracked
Worthy of repair
I cannot handle
One more longing stare
Either I feel right
Inside your mind
Or get me off
This wild ride
Slash is tight
I’ll wear his hat
Nothing else
Now think about that
Friday’s musings
Truth revealed
Play with me
Just keep it real


47 thoughts on “Real

  1. This is incredible and creative ~ Seattle would suit you very well, from Ray Charles and Qincy to Jimi and life through Pearl Jam ~ it is all Nirvana here in the Emerald City πŸ™‚

    This made me smile and also gave us all a great taste and insight into your mind πŸ™‚


  2. Hahaha. Great stuff Audrey. And a blast from the past indeed.
    You’re a rocker-at-heart, aren’t you? Hehehe.
    I was on vacation. Back now, and ready to make the big move. So glad I had some rest, relaxation and family time. Can’t get much better than a Brazilian beach, I tell ya.
    Hope you’re doing well.


  3. Awesome Audrey! I really liked Mudvayne in high school, really digged “Dig” and “Not Falling”. I have a wide range in music tastes, but Metal is what I listened to most in high school. Poison The Well was another favorite Metal band!


    • Thanks! Mudvayne…Tribbett! Awe, yes! I was a fan of his…Forget to Remember is a great song. My range is music is frighteningly wide. I love it all. Metal was introduced to me in high school, too. Something about a guitar and the intensity of the need. The rhythm. I had a thing for guitars and the guys who played them. Glad you liked the poem. Not a usual topic for me. Hope you like what you’ve read.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Ah yes, I have written poetry while listening to “Forget To Remember” on repeat. Have you heard the acoustic version?

      But yeah, something about the rhythm! I listened to some death metal in high school as well.

      Writing in unusual topics is something I enjoy doing. I aim to be Avant Garde, and invent all kinds of crazy rules for myself to follow when I write. For example, the haiku I wrote for Aquileana’s post, ever 4 haiku, had the end of every single line rhyme, and I had the rhyme scheme go like this AAAAAAAAAAAABBBBBBBBBBBBAAAAAAAAAAAABBBBBBBBBBBB. Kind of nutty!

      And yes, I did like what I read, looking forward to future posts!


    • No prob! Feel free to ignore my comment on my About page, I accidentally had two caffeine pills yesterday, and had more of a motarmouth than unusual because of it. Kind of embarrassing, but I kept the comment up anyway. Death Metal is just Heavy Metal, but heavier!


  4. i love these musings, Audrey, so many images rush in and take me here and there, push me this way and that.
    This is fine work, sit-up-and-pay-attention work and that’s always gratifying.



  5. Very powerful~ I particularly liked this verses>
    “This wild ride
    Slash is tight
    I’ll wear his hat
    Nothing else”
    Great poem. Thanks for sharing and best wishes to you, Aquileana πŸ˜€


  6. Awesome, Audrey! I can’t say I agree with ALL your choices, but I respect your right to choose. Me? I lean more toward the classics — Mozart, Chopin, Bach — as well as typical marching band stuff. Oh, and rock, lots of rock. Definitely not rap! Have a fabulous weekend!


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