Do What You Do

Just perform for me

Yeah, okay, pull the stocking cap down
Run your hand through your beard
Whatever it takes, prepare
Pretend I’m not here

Just sing the lyrics

Remind me
Show me how to feel
Prove you already know
Take the wheel

Just do what you do

Feelings already sorted, better than I
Direct the deep notes, in my favor
Allow me to bleed
Waiting for your music to soothe me

Just play the tune

Let me fall into you
Silence? No, it’ll kill me tonight
Slide your fingers over the strings
Quickly, even slower, bring me through

Just make me believe

This music will ease
Regret, pain and suffering
I should have never even tried
Kill me, like the beat, softly

77 thoughts on “Do What You Do

  1. Now this poem is a perfect explanation of what a good love song should do to a person! I bet those who read this poem will take it as if it is written just for them…I sure did, and that is powerful. Beautiful work Audrey…wish I played the guitar as I would put it to music 🙂


    • Randall, it is always my goal to reach my readers. I want them to think it’s written for them, we all need to believe that somewhere out there we are thought of, loved and dreamed about, I think. Love is powerful, deserving and should be accepted.

      I wish you played the guitar, too. Heck, I wish I played the guitar. And how do you know this wasn’t written for you? 😉 I could easily write a poem about a mysterious camera man…would be fun! I’d like to imagine it. I just may have to… 🙂 All I need is a word..give me a word and I’ll make you a special poem. I would be honored.


    • Very good question, I think people like the thought of ‘perhaps this was written about me…’ much like Carly Simon’s song. Now your offer is something I simply cannot resist, and of course me-being-me, my favorite word in the world is a bit out there. Challenging perhaps, but also quite simple: “缘分”…yuan-fen (mentioned my about page). Not sure if there is a good English translation…but an emotion I think is universally shared. You asked 🙂 And just asking is an honor for me, and that is way cool. Have a great night.


    • I just listened to it. I can see why you thought of her. I had heard the expression kill me softly, but didn’t connect it to the song. Its a bit eerie how similar my poem is to her thoughts. Maybe I should listen to more of her music. We may have a connection even if the song came out before I was born. Thanks, Mike.


    • Thanks, Michael. I love music, too, you know. Another blogger just pointed out that my poem reminded him of Roberta Flask’s Killing Me Softly. The song came out before I was born, but maybe she and I have a connection. I listened to the song just now and it gave me chills. Her expression is much better done.


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