I woke up thinking of you this morning. At the very least, three times. The moment I fell back into my dreams there you were smiling at me. Working me through all over again. Playing all my favorite deep and darkest notes. In my dreams I can watch you find pleasure in my awakening.

I blame last night’s music booming through my ears. Each time a note fell from their guitars I was blasted to the moon. Imagine for a minute as I sit with my eyes closed allowing the sounds to over take me. Music, you move my body. Consume me. Wash me clean. Music has an ability to mesmerize this girl. It turns me into lady. How do you do that, Music? You begin a simple process and then you dig deep and instantly own me.

Do you sense my craving and inability to say no. You play me like a puppet, however, I think this you already know.
The time and effort you put in, well I devour it. The way you allow your notes to come to me is beyond the measure of humanity.

I know next time you’ll play deep and dark notes differently. Creating a new way to devour me. I couldn’t possibly be me for any other. Music, I live for you. I love your sound. You are welcomed inside this body. Take me.

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