21 thoughts on “Simple One

  1. Woven within you
    Nature’s blended harmony
    With words from his heart

    Must be a special plant with such special colors… Green… and purple!

    Beautiful words, Audrey Dawn…


  2. Naturally this (or so it seems to me) reminded me of this tale:

    The Old Prophet went up into the mountains in search of God, and there he had a great Realisation.

    And when he returned again to the tents of his people, they gathered round him and said, β€œTell us, O Prophet, what manner of creature is this God?”

    And he looked at them for a long moment, deep in thought.

    And finally he said, slowly and unblinkingly, β€œGod is a verb.”

    And behold, the people bowed down and worshipped dictionaries.

    – From The Book Of Guff


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