Is There?


Is there an ache
so strong
my whisper
could control
Is there a moment
so missed
my touch
could waken
Is there a need
so spiritual
my soul
could tame
Is there pain
so real
my love
could fix


57 thoughts on “Is There?

  1. Oh, my goodness, Audrey… This is magnificent. Such philosophical pondering… I have lingered in this one on this Sunday morn… and the answer to all four of the questions you have asked… is… “Yes there is”… even with only your words…

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  2. Again, you’ve got the touch ~ a poem that builds and builds, and then the ends with perfection. I like to think that no matter where in the world, if there is hope and desire that is found in these lines, everything is possible. Cheers ~


    • Randall, thank you. I appreciate your talented eye and your comment. Knowing you sense the poet in me within this poem helps me build confidence. I am beyond happy you like this poem. Your creative opinion means a lot. Truly. I sincerely hope everything is possible. I do. Hugs. Have a great week, Dalo.


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