My Distraction


Tried distraction, doesn’t work
Applied common sense, not in this instance
Monitored my sanity, you’re not a figment


But you’re still here
Multiplying in importance
And part of me, forever


31 thoughts on “My Distraction

  1. This is an incredibly creative poem ~ shows sides of the artist in you at many different levels ~ great photography (just perfect, natural, chaos), symmetry of the words (in print and alignment) and then of course the meaning. Very, very cool…and sitting down watching that scene of the sunset & birds, just perfect. Cheers Audrey and wish you a good night ~


  2. It’s not about distraction, is it? It’s about the presence of someone who makes you uncomfortable, demands too much emotionally or you can’t shake from your heart.

    The writing is fine indeed, Audrey

    Big Hugs



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