In vivid dreams
I run to you
You run to me
Last night
There was no talking
At first I was sad
Our time
Is it over
Tears began to flow
You held me
Reminded me
Sweet Darling
We love our silence
Between hearts
Share a common beat
I woke up relieved
I love you
You love me
What we have
Will always be
Bright colors
I see them
Accross a wide sky
At dawn
In fields
Flowers bloom
Like you, beautiful
Laughter alive
Shared between friends
Stop worrying
Start Creating
Begin living
Make a path
A voice inside
Don’t give up
I think it may be you
You’re all around me


42 thoughts on “Devotee

    • That’s interesting. I’m a chicken. I can’t let others see my thoughts unless I understand them first–the words–and I can’t write poetry–never have–never will. I love to read it.

      Hey, I struggle to put words and thoughts together (non-poetry). I would really like it if someone understood them or at least would hold their head as if looking at a Picasso πŸ˜€ .

      Clarity sounds like a meaning of a dream–where the subconscious meets reality. I enjoy your writing no matter if it is about personal growth, struggle, art, etc–maybe that makes sense. πŸ™‚


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