Where: Is You

Is deafening,
Your absence,
Is too,
Why do I,
Think of you?
Is haunting,
Your love,
Is too,
Why do I,
Think of you?
Is comforting,
Your mind,
Is too,
Why do I,
Think of you?
Is lovely,
Your presence,
Is too,
Why do I,
Think of you?
Is you,
Your heart,
Is too,
Why do I,
Think of you?


53 thoughts on “Where: Is You

  1. I really, really liked this poem… The words, most definitely ~ and then when I saw what Kate wrote I agree fully. The rhythm and cadence of this piece is just excellent, and once again I would have to say that these words cover the same terrain of thought that people have had over the ages. You’ve developed your own jingle “Why do I, Think of you”…

    • Hehehe. Clam? You? Nooooo.
      Oh no. A horrible cold. I don’t envy you. I must say though, that I can truly empathize with you on the insomnia part. I used suffer with extreme insomnia for years until I finally broke down and went to the doctor. Until today I take meds. If not, I don’t sleep. They’re not sleep meds though, but anxiety meds. Ugh! At least they do the trick.
      I hope you’re feeling better now. And definitely 100 % for tomorrow.
      πŸ™‚ ❀

    • Giggle. Yes, I know. I’m horrible. I wish I could be better at opening up. Progress in the works…

      Yeah, the problem here in Houston, if you suffer from allergies at all, is we don’t see a freeze, if we do not until late Dec or early Jan….which means the pollen is confused daily on what it is supposed to do. Then sends people like me into a spin. Antibiotics are doing their thing, as well as a shot to the butt, so I’m on the rise.

      Suffering from insomnia is new this time around. I’m usually a cup of fully loaded coffee then off to dreamland, but the coughing was slowing me down. I’m glad you have sought help with yours. I think its a good thing, but I know some disagree. Pay no mind to them.

      Thanks, I will be! β™‘

    • Uck! My husband suffers from allergies. Doesn’t sound fun.
      Man, I could never drink a coffee and then to bed.
      Yea, I was dead against the meds for years, then finally, after 8 years or so, and it getting so bad that i wasn’t sleeping until 6:00am, the next morning, I finally gave it.

    • I used to be able to sleep right after going for coffee with friends when I was in my late teens. It was only in my early 20s that I started to get insomnia, and then if I had any caffeine at all I could totally forget about falling asleep until the wee hours of the morning.
      I agree. Tried all the herbal stuff, and nothing.
      Not only I deserve the sleep, but my hubby and kids too. My poor family when I don’t get enough. Like seriously. I turn into a monster.

    • I turn into a monster if I don’t have time to be creative…whether its writing, drawing, or meditating. I need that side of me to get its time or I’m no fun to be with, so with work being a demand, I have to make time for it. My poor girlfriends think I am depressed and staying home because I’m sad, but in reality everything suffers if I’m not allowed to be creative. So I totally get you needing sleep.

  2. This post doesn’t have the usual photo, but I can understand how it would be difficult to find a photo to go along with this… the poem is powerful in its wonderings of the why behind thoughts that seem to keep coming back.

    • Yeah, I couldn’t decide on a photo for this poem. I suppose it was far too structured to lend it’s hand to a picutre from my wanderings. Too far aling the lines of academia. As far as the tone of the poem, Gus, I’m an attention hog, generally, so a longing emotion comes quite naturally. Not my best quality, but until I can figure out how not to be a spoiled brat somedays, this theme will make its way around again.

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