Love Me


Begging to be plucked
Loves me, he loves me not
While we’re here
I’ll give it a shot
But before I start
I’ve stopped
Petals remind me of him
A bit too much, a lot
Instead, I lay down
And wish away my want


42 thoughts on “Love Me

  1. Okay… First of all… I am truly empathetic for the sadness that lingers in this poetry… Truly I am… It is beautifully written and expressed… but I must confess… that first line made me smile… but of course, we both know that my sense of humor is warped far beyond repair… remember… plucking petals cannot change the heart… beside… if the petals remind you of him… you wouldn’t want to pluck them… or perhaps… you would…
    Hope your day is filled with beautiful moments and colorful petals…

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