Your Attendee


Walk with me here,
Allow the earth,
To calmly soothe,
You address,
And I’ll attend.
Like a breeze,
Sliding through,
Inestimable prairie,
I’ll surround you,
My Love.
Daily storm brewing,
Commanding attention,
You be the strength,
I’ll be me, listening.


43 thoughts on “Your Attendee

  1. As with your last post, you paired photo and poem so very well. The sweeping clouds in the photo, the invite to a calming place in your poem. So very nice.


    • Thanks, I take a bunch of photos, then wait for the words to show up. I get very excited when I finally have an opportunity to show where I’ve been. I’ve tried to write poems with pictures I have no emotional attachment to and they never seems to work out as I want them to, Gus. Thank you for always taking the time to see me. I cherish your reading and interpretations.


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