Failing You


If you don’t feel my devotion
Every time you breathe in, slowly
Then I’m the one who’s failing you


55 thoughts on “Failing You

  1. Wow, three lines. Only three lines and you manage to knock the breath out of us all ~ such a powerful poem on to which I return. What have I been missing… This is the feeling of love, it is the feeling that lucky people have for each other. Really a wonderful poem, I see no sadness…just that pure devotion that is rare πŸ™‚


    • *blushing* Thank you. Dalo, where have you been? !!!! I was afraid that great mysterious wall had eaten you. *hugs you so close…not letting you go* I’ve missed you, too. *sigh* Are you a lucky person? This poem is all about devotion, indeed. I’m so glad you lost your breath. I like you that way. πŸ˜‰ Welcome back, Handsome β™‘ I was thrilled to read your words the other night. You have no idea how much I needed them. You, Sir, take my breath away. I need transported and you’re just the Cowboy to do it. I’m slightly giddy about reading all those comments from you. You spoil me, Randall. Talk about devotion. You show it so well. You must have been here for hours reading. I’m overwhelmed by your attention to my poetry. I don’t deserve it, but I love it. Thank you… β™‘β™‘


    • Off in China ~ not too much traveling while there so that was nice, but it is a good feeling to be in HK again. Yes, there are a few comments for your to read…it was nice to sit down and review all that I’ve missed πŸ™‚
      Enjoy your weekend ~


    • Just figured it might be a Haiku since it had 3 lines, thatΒ΄s as much as I know about Haiku, well I do know the 5-7-5 syllable thing but I donΒ΄t see anybody using it.

      So downtown Houston, looks beautiful. Never been there in all the years I spent in the U.S, but interesting enough youΒ΄re the 3 ( I think) person from the blogging world I know itΒ΄s from there.


    • I try to use the 5-7-5 rule when I write a haiku. I’ve done a few.

      Downtown Houston is quite lovely. Truly. It has a very romantic feel, swave with a little terror, which I adore. You should consider visiting if you ever come back this way. Texas is nice. 3 Houstonian bloggers? Really? I haven’t any on my blog log. How do you find us? Must be fate.


    • Very few people use the 5-7-5 rule as far as I read other writers, so IΒ΄m not quite sure if itΒ΄s THE requirement.

      Yeah, 3 from Houston at least, that I have more contact than others. And their all female ! πŸ˜‰


  2. Beautiful skyline belies the somber read of this one, Audrey. Don’t beat yourself up, my dear. Failing every so often doesn’t mean we’re “failures.” And I for sure don’t see you as one!


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