Ardently Golden

Winter waves hello
as Autumn nods goodbye,
life is complicated
causing us to ardently ponder who am I.

Earth is round and life is ever after,
but questions often birth discrepancy,
so a refresh is in order,
dormant becomes necessity.

Memories are mounting
and wistful becomes normal,
up ahead are life moments to cherish,
yet this golden causes pause over what nature has nourished.

Lips bring a smile to life – awaken
as the sun begins to set,
twilight, a comforting picture,
and this prairie points West.


11 thoughts on “Ardently Golden

  1. This is beautiful, Aud. “Winter waves hello as Autumn nods goodbye; life is complicated” ~ This is what I love about the photo and the time of year when autumn is ending… it is like a big exhale. All of the winter to contemplate – to reflect on the dizzy experiences of the year. I’m hoping the winter is bringing you more than cold and snow ~ and a little excitement for what ’23 will bring.
    I look forward to reading more of you 🙂 Take care ~


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