Ardently Golden

Winter waves hello
as Autumn nods goodbye,
life is complicated
causing us to ardently ponder who am I.

Earth is round and life is ever after,
but questions often birth discrepancy,
so a refresh is in order,
dormant becomes necessity.

Memories are mounting
and wistful becomes normal,
up ahead are life moments to cherish,
yet this golden causes pause over what nature has nourished.

Lips bring a smile to life – awaken
as the sun begins to set,
twilight, a comforting picture,
and this prairie points West.

Love Plays On


Inspired by Otis Redding’s “Sitting By The Dock Of The Bay”, this weekend’s evenings with cherished friends and my friend, M. Zane McClellan’s poem, “Love Me Like Lyrics”.

Love songs play on,
Their aging beat strong,
A melody only they can recall.
Lost are the days,
They dreamed and played, fondly,
Stuck inside aging minds, bodies.
Time not a friend,
Yet, deemed humbly,
Music’s sweetest story.
Songs of the sun’s powerful embers,
Provide blessings,
As their forever continues.
Hurricanes couldn’t divide,
Some tried, no compromise.
Sadly, love always working,
And approaching goodbye.
Earthly obsessions,
A late night masterpiece,
Tunes their melody.
Final days found holding,
Caressing skin,
Feels good to ache again.
Love’s battle cry,
Ceasing time, unworthy.
Yet, honorable and deserving,
Love never ending.
One hope remains,
With fingers intertwined,
Staring at the bay.
Nothing his lyrics forget,
Lips craving,
Body savoring,
Sunset providing a proper ending.
Her soul breathes and sighs,
She is his, no one could deny.
The dock pulls at them to wait,
Fate would have it no other way,
Life perfect this moment, this day.
Love’s promises made,
If she leaves first, meet at the gate.
His eyes will know hers,
Final resting,
Heaven’s green.
Welcome, Eternity