Weeding Out

Imperative for growth to flourish appropriately,

It’s a sinking feeling when the time arrives,

And one we rarely want to admit to, because normalcy is comfortable.

Sometimes change masks itself as unknown, but we know.

One gut-wrenching pull at a time convinces us of its necessity, and the digging continues.

Beauty is stifled by its surroundings, however, she clings to what slowly kills her.

The world is full of what should be if we lean in: find grounding and settle.

Surely the weeding ends,

And the tools go back to the shelf.

7 thoughts on “Weeding Out

  1. Ha, you poetically state my exact feeling about any act of weeding. Since I was young, I hated it, but in the mood, put me in a garden and I’ll do the work… but weeding those figurative weeds of the mind and life, I do not do such a great job… maybe that is what keeps life interesting?!? At least that is the excuse I use ~ this piece has honesty I can see and understand. Cheers to some new tools to use in ’23 🙂 Take care, Aud; wishing you and your family the best in the New Year.


    • Mr. Collis, I shall not weed the garden after the month of July! Tis far too hot for that business. Giggle. Ugh, weeding!
      Healthy steps into the new year is very important. Letting go of what was hoped for to receive what is waiting for us is important. Accepting change, even when we didn’t ask for it, is part of healing. Am I good at it? Nope. Do I want to throw a fit and stomp my feet, yes. Giggles.

      Happy New Year and safe travels. Be careful! Stop by any time my Photographer Philosopher Extraordinaire!


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