treasures kept sheltered
harbored closely within
delicate layers possibly
sought after, one day

keenly aware, yet
hesitant to believe in
their existence,
he’ll seek

may she be found adequate,
even desirable,
arguably – his purpose,
one day


10 thoughts on “Treasure

  1. A wistful and thought-provoking piece, to me, recalling that the search for mystery might never end, because, once found, the mystery disappears, becoming reality. In the Sciences and the Arts, that search is the way, but I’ve known people who spent their time seeking fantasy connections that could never exist. I think fantasy is fine, as long as we know that’s what it is.


    • I think there is so much truth to your words. Mystery is where the magic is for many. I think there is magic in the beauty of contentment. Spark in the magic of reliability. Passion in the magic of effort. For me, the physical aspect falls way down the mystery scale.

      I do enjoy your take and encourage you to offer it more often. Thank you for using wistful. Fantastical word in my opinion.

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