To Worship Him

imagine with me, if you will
red dirt dusted
upon his boots,
the chair otherworldly
a product of sturdy,
lean legs crossed
smokey eyes intent on
the crown of the moon
and sun before him
a sigh,
aware of every shift, made upon his domain,
cheekbones defined
as he contemplates
his tomorrow.
I see him,
and all I need is to
worship him.


14 thoughts on “To Worship Him

  1. What every girl wants ~ and every man wants to be πŸ™‚
    And there is a little bit of cowboy in every good man, yes? Beautiful writing and imagery as always, Aud, it is good to be back visiting you once again. Cheers to a great October, the colors and chill in the air are making it a good one for me already.


  2. I don’t believe in worshipping people if this is what you mean. It puts a person on a pedestal where they can’t remain because your expectations are too high and they are too flawed not to fall. To me, a relationship must have balance, maybe not always 50/50, but sufficient give and take between both parties. Perhaps I’ve misinterpreted your poem.

    The imagery of this poem is, however, extraordinarily lush. I read it twice, to savor the words. The photo is also gorgeous.


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