I am
I’m just
I’m just sorry
I’m just so sorry
I’m just so
I’m just
I am

I’m sorry my words have been so dim as of late – for a long time now really. They’re lacking the beauty and happiness I swore I’d share when this site begin six years ago. There was sadness then and I wanted joy to survive the pain I felt, so I came here to teach myself to recieve happiness.

I’m going to do my best to share my light and the acceptance of myself again – the joy I know exists inside my heart. There is a little girl inside of me hurting something terrible. I owe it to her to show her beauty again, so I must try.

Not sure if it’ll be short stories as it was in the beginning (she likes those) or poems & photography, which aren’t perfect or winning any awards, but reflects what I see and feel. Bringing me much closer to love.

100 thank yous to those who still linger in my words. You are appreciated.

Hope to see you around,


22 thoughts on “Apology

  1. You know, Miss A., you’re safe here … among your true friends. We’re in your corner. On your side. Pulling for you (and that little red-haired girl inside!) Lots of love will help you heal real good!


  2. We’ve always been here
    Some of us just lingering in the silence
    Like a soft rain on a Sunday morn
    Awaiting the beautiful sound
    Of the sparrow

    Thank you for always sharing your light so honestly… so beautifully…
    Like your wonderful photo shows us… there are often clouds that veil the hillside
    But the beauty is always there

    Welcome home


  3. “You are appreciated.”

    As are you. And I miss you when you aren’t around, whatever the weather.

    “Don’t mistake the weather of your mind for the sky of your being.” – Jeff Foster.



  4. your words are always profound, showing you to be as broad and beautiful as the images you choose. You express so well things that make us human, have always enjoyed your site. Peace and love to you and yours.


  5. Do not apologize, Audrey, but do take good care of yourself. I care about you deeply and you must care about yourself. Life is uneven and sometimes cruel, but there are moments of joy and beauty and glory. You are worth everything, you are worth everyone. Be gentle and kind to my sweet friend, Audrey.


    • I accept myself for all the shortcomings I have. I must. I try to be better than the day before but sometimes I fail. I am human. I care for those around me. I’ve gotten used to waiting. I thrive on very little and I’m used to it. As long as everyone has what they need I can rest. I have joy. It may not come in the package I need but it finds me.


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