What You Need

Today, as the sun shines, so that I might see
It is my hope, a continuous hopeful
You’ve settled into your day,
Thoughts bringing you closer
To peace,
So your nights offer you moments of
As sleep takes you where you want to be.


34 thoughts on “What You Need

    • Shari, grateful you felt tranquility and peace. Knowing so helps me believe the poem did some good. You have lifted my efforts up so high and I’m so thankful for it. Your support helps me believe I have something worth sharing. Those midwestern skies offer a lot of opportunity. However, I do miss those TX skies some nights. May have to share some of those, too.


  1. That’s a beautiful image, and a wonderful thought. I’m being a bit too literal…Tonight’s sleep will take me where I need to be – to a day where I don’t have to deal with the big pile of stuff on my desk.


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