Day three of trying to buy eggs, maybe longer.


Still none in sight


I got a call from my neighbor, her boyfriend has good news

His girls are layin’

Sounds like I’ll have eggs soon,

So much for leaving the county.

What You Need

Today, as the sun shines, so that I might see
It is my hope, a continuous hopeful
You’ve settled into your day,
Thoughts bringing you closer
To peace,
So your nights offer you moments of
As sleep takes you where you want to be.

Vintage Memories


Passed through the screen door,
Recalled the carpeted staircase,
Felt the pull of Maxine,
Grandmother, to me.
Twenty-three years, two months
Since we stood closely,
Right here
Packing odds and ends
To her,
Treasures, to me.
Cabinet I’ll never forget
Cookie dough testing,
“Needs flour, touch it, you’ll see,
Grab the butterscotch chips,
These will be Grandpa’s offerings.”
Sounds made when the drawers
Opened and closed, vintage whisperings,
Now upon my ears,
Fingertips sliding across moments,
Window gifting the same view,
Coverings, crisp and clean
Perfect place, for
Snapping green beans,
Time to move the sprinklers,
Grab a bucket, strawberries to tend,
Summers without her
Still painful, something I dread.